The Industry

Real estate has come a long way. Like many other branches of the industry, real estate has developed new methods of doing business. Because of increasing competition, real estate agents make new ways of obtaining, as well as, maintaining their clients.

Nowadays, quality and good service are not the only things offered. The fee customers pay is also a big factor when choosing a real estate agent.

Future VS. Past

As many believe, the real estate industry is going through rapid changes and with it come a lot of benefits for hardworking customers. One of those benefits is abandoning the old-fashioned idea of paying a large amount of money for commission in order to sell your home at a better rate.

On the other hand, internet real estate offers marketing services and business opportunities devalue what a real estate agent and a listing agent can do. Listing agents have to prove themselves by having productive communication skills and the ability to think on their feet when working with their clients. Good agents need to prove to their clients they are going to save their money.

Flat Fee

The flat fee real estate is a growing concept which many clients tend to appreciate. The upside is that customers realize that the agreement they come to with their real estate agents can save them a lot of money in commissions. They would still have great service and receive professional advice worthwhile but would not have to calculate how much to put away for commission.

The obvious advantage is in the fact that flat fee real estate brokers accept a set amount instead of a percentage of the sale making their clients feel more comfortable and safe. This is a guarantee that their agents won’t let them sell at a price they don’t deserve.

Nevertheless, agents will still include the same service. The customer will be offered both the full service of the real estate broker and can be provided with a listing of their property for sale in the local multiple listing service.

future real estate

Steps and Changes

The way property is bought and sold stay essentially the same. There is no new element added to this equation. However, there are a few game-changing innovations. Here are some basic steps worth mentioning.


Think of pouring in a little more money just to make a better sale and possibly earn some money.

Be sure to have a real estate agent help you detect potential problems which need to be fixed on your property before you actually sell it. You wouldn’t want the hassle of dealing with these issues later. Investing in fixing the existing problems is just one part of it.

The other is to know how to present your property so it is appealing to potential buyers. Buy a few more plants and put them around, or get some colorful art to brighten up a room.

One of the best ways to promote the aesthetics of a property is to hire a professional photographer to take pictures. Remember that this tactic is actually lucrative in every branch of business where aesthetic appeal is a key factor in getting business done.