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Why Should You Use Fallout Shelter Hack

The biggest reason for using these services would be that they are absolutely free of charge. The developers of these hacking app don’t support MTX in games, and therefore have no reason to charge for the use of their services.

Next to that, these services are reliable and available 24/7. This way users can count on them and choose their cheat tool anytime.

And finally, there is the usability. This fallout shelter hack is extremely easy to use, meaning that you won’t need a complex guide to be able to generate resources and successfully use them.


 Online Based

This software is completely online based. Meaning that you won’t need to download anything and increase the chances of infecting your device with a third party software. Everything is performed on the spot.

 Fast & Reliable

It comes as no surprise that it takes only a couple of minutes to use these cheats. After all, their programmers invested a significant amount of time to make the distribution of their services fast and available 24/7.

Up to Date

The hacking tool is updated on a daily basis. This way these codes can stay unique and 100% functioning. But more importantly, this way they are compatible with every update of the game.


There is nothing more important for us than the online security of our users. This why we recommend some of the best Fallout Shelter hacks that are virtually untraceable. You won’t have to worry about being detected while using them or while playing the game with these cheat codes.

About Fallout Shelter Hack Tool

No more will you be persuaded into buying Nuka-cola Quantum, Caps and other essential resources with real money just so you can play the game. With these tips, you’ll have enough energy, food, water, rare and legendary items in your inventory that you’ll forget about the original progression system. Developers that promote microtransaction system in their games have earned more than enough on honest gamers that merely appreciate the quality of their product. However, there are also ways to enjoy free and uninterrupted gameplay. You’ll be able to build your vault however you want it, whenever you want it.

This way you’ll be able to choose which resources you want to use and how many of them you need at any moment. It’s that simple.

Advantages of Using Cheats and Hacks

With Fallout Shelter cheats you’ll forget about the original progression system that the game has to offer. This implies that you’ll be able to play the game in a tempo that you like.

The game dictates how fast you will progress. It’s as simple as that. From the moment you create your vault and get a unique vault signature number, everything within that vault is your responsibility. And this can prove to be quite a burden, especially with limited resource.  Also, you’ll be prompted to check on your vault dwellers as well as their production rate, every three to four hours.

And who has time for that?

In addition to that, every time you send a team of dwellers on a quest, it would take hours for them to get there. With enough Nuka-Cola Quantum, you’d be able to send dwellers almost instantaneously into wasteland and on a quest. This would allow you to enjoy every quest, as you wouldn’t be prompted to wait 4, 5 hours or even more for your team of dwellers to arrive at a destination or return to the vault. Having both Nuka-Cola and Caps at your disposal you’ll be able to play the game however you want it. Not to mention that this will allow you to train your dwellers much faster than before, craft armor and weapons, unlock theme recipes and much more.

All these and similar progression related problems can be solved by using a Fallout Shelter hack.

How does it Work

Did you notice how in the tutorial, the game provides a sufficient amount of resources like Nuka-Cola Quantum and Caps just so you can learn the basics? The hacking app works on a similar principle, except that it provides the cheats so you can play the game as its intended. The developers knew exactly which iconic Fallout elements should they use to carry out this business model of continuously retrieving small payments from their users. As Nuka-Cola and Caps are the most prized resources in Fallout franchise, Bethesda chose to use both for earning money in this game.

Unfortunately for them, many have found a way to destabilize their microtransaction earning system. With the programming knowledge and gamer’s enthusiasm to free games of industry’s greed, they’ve created this unique hacking tool that will get you all the necessary resources.

 How to Use It

When it comes to using Fallout Shelter cheats, first you’ll need to choose what you want to unlock with them. Whether it’s Fallout Shelter Lunchbox hack, Fallout Shelter Cheats PC or a hack option for other devices, simply click on it and proceed to the next page.

From there simply follow these steps:

-Enter your unique vault number

-Pass the human verification

-Verify your vault number

-Choose the number and type of resources needed

-Click ‘Generate’

-Enjoy using Fallout Shelter hack whenever you want in the future!

Choose when you’re going to play, how much resources you’ll have at any moment, and how fast will you progress.

Fallout Shelter Tips

This free-to-play vault managing simulation game certainly has an addictive gameplay. With so many interesting elements to it, it was bound to meet success and attract even those that aren’t acquainted with the Fallout series. But fans of this genre and this series indeed have an advantage when it comes to playing this game. Paying attention to details can make a huge difference when it comes to earning caps, making your vault a happy place or surviving in the wasteland. However, if you haven’t played any Fallout games before, you wouldn’t know where to look for these useful details? Luckily you’re in the right place to find out all about successfully managing your vault and taking good care of your vault dwellers.


As you would imaging resources are quite important in this game. They dictate how fast you’ll progress among other things. There are several ways to increase your Caps balance in Fallout Shelter. Ever tried your luck in the wasteland? Send well-equipped dwellers to the wasteland and you’ll easily obtain over 5 thousand Caps each day. Once you have a strong enough dweller (30lvl or above with a decent weapon) you can send them to the wasteland to collect Caps and other useful stuff that you can sell. This way you’ll easily earn enough resources to get around.


Have you noticed that objective icon on the right side of the screen? Taping on it will provide insights on which daily objectives you have to fill in order to get Caps, resources or even lunchboxes. Naturally, if you feel like cheating you can always use a Fallout Shelter Lunchbox hack to get unique items and dwellers. Sometimes these objectives require you to perform simple tasks, like rushing a room 3 times in succession or collecting a certain amount of water really fast. In any case, you can skip the current objective and replace it with an easier one, provided that you have enough Nuka-Cola Quantum’s to spare.

Promotions and Holidays

Keep an eye on promotions on holidays. Not for the purpose of buying the Caps and Nuka-Cola Quantum packs at an ‘amazing’ price, but in order to complete quests that provide awesome prizes. You can win lots of caps for answering a couple of Fallout-related questions in a game of ‘Lose Your Head’. Look for daily as well as weekly quest and check the rewards. Remember not to spend time and resources on quests that don’t reward well.

Daily Report

Every day that you enter your vault, you’ll receive a score for your vault managing success. The higher the happiness of your dwellers is, the more Caps you’ll get! At the end of the week, you get a bonus to resources and a single lunchbox. So keep those dwellers happy and increase your income with rewards from a daily report. If you don’t know what’s bugging a particular dweller, tap on him and follow him around. Eventually, he’ll suggest with his comment what makes him sad and how to fix it.

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