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Android's 5th Birthday Celebration:
European Best-of-Best Hackathon Series

Android became public on November 5th, 2007. That means it'll be 5 years of Android this November! Can't let this go by unnoticed! So the developer user groups (GDGs/GTUGs/AUGs) decided to organize this Android app hackathon tournament called V Hack Android (think GADC but with higher stakes).

In September/October 2012 you can participate in a local hackathon organized by your GDG. Each winning team receives a chance to defend their user group in a final European hackathon in London. We pay your flight and hotel. This TopGun hackathon takes place on the weekend of October 26th-28th, right after Droidcon London.

Android developers from all over Europe will come together from tens of locations and hack for 48 hours - nonstop! There are many prizes and of course the challenge to be the best Android app developer.

You can follow the livestream of the major events in September and on October 26th-28th or interact with us during public Hangouts on Google+. Our developer wiki has a list of hacks.

Hashtag: #AndroidV

Remember, remember, the fifth of November!
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