How to Find Quality Online Courses for Programming

Also, have a clear image of the extent of your knowledge and don’t think be certain about what you know. You don’t want to undertake a course and then discover you do not understand the information you are being given. One course that has gotten a lot of good criticism is the VLSI course and trust us, it is worth your time to check it out.

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Kotlin – New Official Programming Language for Android Development

It was just officially announced that there’s going to be a new programming language. They extended their support. The new programming language name is Kotlin and it will be a “first-class” language. It was built by JetBrains. The developer company JetBrains are the creators of the best Java IDE – IntelliJ IDEA. They are a technology-leading software vendor specializing in the creation of intelligent development tools. They are the ones behind the JetBrains IDE that Android Studio — Google’s official developer tool — is based on. So it’s no surprise that they have offered to publically support this new programming language. Unlike the Swift programming language, which was an internal Apple project and then open sourced later, Google won’t own Kotlin.

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